Our official app FingeRate started its journey as a customer satisfaction survey application to make research & survey simple, fast and effective! However with our new version of the app — FingeRate 2.0, we are expanding on that that vision by transforming our app into a blockchain based metaverse. …

Decentralized Finance (aka DeFi) is the new emerging technology that is operated by blockchains and smart contracts. DeFi is disrupting financials sectors one by one at alarming rates because it solves some major issues of the existing centralized entities such as: dependency on third parties, lack of transparency etc.


Dear BTOUR holders of BKEX exchange,

Trading, deposits & withdrawals of BTOUR token is restored in BKEX exchange. BTOUR holders of BKEX can normally make transactions again in the exchange.

However, due to some internal circumstances, we would recommend you to transfer and hold your BTOUR tokens in LaToken or your personal wallet which supports ERC20 tokens.

We would appreciate if you transfer your tokens as soon as possible in order to ensure safe storage and liquidity…

Before dig into the details, it might be a wise idea to recap what a contract represents first of all.

A contract can be described as an agreement with specific clauses between two or multiple parties where they are committed to trade one element of value for another. Contracts are…

Thanks to the internet, any information is widely accessible around the globe these days. Interests over a topic pick up momentum and traction much quicker than before. This acceleration is only expected to be fast tracked as we achieve more computational power. Brand new technology is getting introduced every single…

Dear BTOUR holders,

This notice is for those who tried to deposit to the BKEX exchange, but their deposit was on hold indefinitely. The BKEX Customer Center (SUPPORT@BKEXER.COM) has already sent an email to the users regarding return process for the tokens to the email address provided while opening account in BKEX.

Please reply confirming the wallet address (ERC20 address) where you want to receive your BTOUR token to the email stated above. (SUPPORT@BKEXER.COM).

We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Dr. Han Seung-soo, Former Prime Minister of the the Republic of Korea & President of the 56th UN General Assembly

Starting with the UK earlier this year, as COVID-19 vaccines are actively rolling out across the world, the debate over whether to develop and introduce vaccine passports is getting even more intensified. Meanwhile, a South Korean company turns heads with an unusual decision to open the source code and intellectual…

Every time someone talks about metaverse, we tend to picture a fully immersive virtual world, just like “Ready Player One” or any other science fiction movie. Even though that is totally possible in the near future, we are far from that at the moment. How far? Only time can tell.

BTOUR token swap

Dear BTOUR token holders,🤗
We are delighted to announce that the technology behind the BTOUR token is getting a major upgrade.🥳
Therefore, we will provide the equivalent amount of new BTOUR token with
🛡️⏫ better security &
⛽⏬ cheaper gas fees!

⚠️Please Read Carefully:
- We will initiate snapshot to facilitate…

The era of COVID-19 free passes begins

As vaccinations against COVID-19 are getting underway around the world, vaccine passports and digital health credentialing projects are actively rolling out now. …

BTour Chain

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