[News] BTour Chain Attends ‘HELP’ to Discuss Global Policy on Water-related Disasters Mitigation

BTour Chain, a global tourism-donation blockchain project of GG56 Limited, attended the High-Level Experts and Leaders Panel on Water and Disasters (HELP) conference, which took place in Tokyo on February 3rd. More than 260 global leaders from 43 countries around the world attended the ‘HELP’ conference to actively discuss the relevance and relationship between water, communities and cultural heritage.

A Common Denominator between ‘HELP’ and BTour Chain

‘HELP’ has been established and operated as an advisory body for the U.N. Secretary-General since 2007. ‘HELP’ is an international consultative body aimed to discuss global policies and measures to mitigate global climate change and water-related disasters.

The business model of BTour Chain is based on supplying and distributing Smart Tourism Devices (Blockchain kiosk, Cryptocurrency ATM, Cryptocurrency POS, etc.) to tour cities all around the world. With these smart devices, the platform is able to collect information on tourists and their consumption patterns leveraging blockchain technology, and provide analyzed and customized marketing big data to not only local traders but also government organizations and travel agencies. However, the ultimate goal of this project is to realize the “Global-Good Sustainable Tourism Ecosystem” by redirecting a part of the profits to water disaster prevention and cultural heritage recovery. In this regard, BTour Chain and ‘HELP’ share a common ground for action.

The Founder of BTour Chain and his philosophy

Has Seung-soo, the former Prime Minister of South Korea is the Founder of BTour Chain. Mr. Han also served as Special Envoy of the U.N. Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction and Water, and is the current Chair of ‘HELP’.

Highlighting the philosophy of BTtour Chain project, Mr. Han said, “Future tourism industry should not only be about seeing and enjoying but should be developed in a way that increases the quality of life in harmony with other industries, protecting natural heritage and preserving cultural heritage. And I believe BTour Chain will be able to play a leading role.”

What was discussed during the ‘HELP’ conference

BTour Chain CEO, Kim Young-gun and the President of the Europe Division of BTour Chain, Ko Jin-suk introduced the vision and the core technology of GG56 Ltd’s BTour Chain to ‘HELP’ working officials who met at the conference and agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding with ‘HELP’ to proceed with the cooperative charity donation project.

“We had a meeting with Phoeurng Sackona, Cambodian’s Minister of Culture and Fine Arts, and are currently discussing ways to introduce BTour Chain solutions to Angkor Wat. We are planning to visit Angkor Wat in April to inspect the historic site and discuss further details”, said Kim Young-gun, CEO of the BTour Chain.

About BTour Chain

BTour Chain is a blockchain project of GG56 (Global Good 5 Oceans 6 Continents), a Hong Kong-based global tourism company, and aims to establish a new tourism culture that will eliminate inefficient and structural problems of the tourism industry.

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