[Op-Ed] Metaverse: Hype or Future? Upgrading SoT to the Metaverse Platform

Every time someone talks about metaverse, we tend to picture a fully immersive virtual world, just like “Ready Player One” or any other science fiction movie. Even though that is totally possible in the near future, we are far from that at the moment. How far? Only time can tell.

Metaverse”, a compound of the prefix “meta” (meaning beyond) and the word “universe,” is a parallel digital universe that enables users to enjoy real-life experiences in a virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space. By that standard, all the SNS platforms we use are a form of metaverse since we make connections and experiences virtually there. The most recent edition to the list is games like Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, etc. Specially, Fortnite, taking it a step further by hosting massive concerts where popular artists have entertained the masses by performing through their avatar, and that is a massive step towards the mass adaptation of metaverse.

In order to be one of the first movers to this space, GG56 has decided to expand its SoT service into a metaverse system, and now we are planning to develop a blockchain-based metaverse SoT (M-SoT) where users take part in various surveys not only through physically installed offline SoTs (R-SoT) but through virtual SoTs (V-SoT) in a metaverse platform.

As the diagram above shows, there are two types of SoTs — Real or Virtual, and users can participate in surveys when there is any available SoT within the user’s range. Plus, the real SoTs differentiate into two types, one of which allows both offline and online participation of users and the other of which only allows for offline (physical) participation of users.

V-SoT in purticular will be traded through NFT marketplaces where one can bid for the SoTs with other bidders. One can own any particular V-SoT and eventually make profit from the surveys which will be uploaded in one’s SoT.

Sounds fun, right?

We also expect to install around 100 R-SoTs in major spots such as Hongdae, Gangnam and Myeongdong in Seoul and major cities of Korea by the 4th quarter of 2021. Also, in the upcoming years, we are aiming to open our service in the major cities worldwide. In addition, we plan to launch a pilot R-SoT project in approximately 20 World Heritage Sites, in a collaboration with UNESCO.

Users will get various rewards including BTM (milage points), which is a part of BTour Chain ecosystem. They can use the BTM they earned to make in app purchases for items and other inventories to decorate their avatar just like they want. With all of these innovations, we plan to say goodbye to boring & lengthy existing survey systems and make the process as fun as possible for the users. So keep an eye on our medium article for the development progress update.

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