Pass&Go, Korea’s 1stCOVID-19 free pass platform, will once again showcase Korea’s exemplary response to COVID-19

The era of COVID-19 free passes begins

As vaccinations against COVID-19 are getting underway around the world, vaccine passports and digital health credentialing projects are actively rolling out now. Israel has released its Green Passports, the World Economic Forum has developed “Common Pass,” and IBM is also testing its “Digital Health Pass”.

Since these “vaccine passports” hold vaccination status, as well as personal information such as name, sex, and date of birth, many of these passports, are built on blockchain technology — considered to be secure from data leaks and impossible to forget.

Pass&Go, a Korean company-developed mobile application for COVID-19 Free-Pass

ass&Go, a mobile application for COVID-19 free-pass, has been developed by GG56 Ltd., a blockchain company in the Republic of Korea. Pass&Go allows users to securely store and manage their COVID-19 test results and vaccination status and creates temporary digital passes for those who have tested negative or have developed COVID-19 antibodies after vaccinations.

Pass&Go provides certificates for the COVID-19 test results from hospitals or certified medical institutions but also from home testing kits which some European countries have been authorized to use. The application also supports creating digital credentials for various vaccinations and to manage other infectious diseases.

Privacy protection based on blockchain technology

Pass&Go uses the BTour Chain blockchain to preserve privacy such as personal information and health status including COVID-19 test results and vaccination records. All data including personal information and medical history will be encrypted and stored in the blocks, and thus safely protected from leakage via our blockchain technology. The app generates a health certificate or passes in the form of a QR code only for those confirmed without COVID-19 infection or with COVID-19 antibodies, and the users can use the QR credentials to enter various places such as restaurants, hotels, stadiums, offices, and even countries. Pass&Go is an integrated infectious disease and vaccination management platform where users can monitor and track their own vaccination history.

The involvement of Pass&Go with blockchain technology is a result of many tech giants and public companies investing in Bitcoin and other Blockchain-related businesses.

Many public companies are investing in Bitcoin and the blockchain atmosphere in general. This is because of the growing affliction of profits that the companies reap with their investment into Bitcoin. Some of the companies that have a huge portfolio in Bitcoin Investments include companies like MicroStrategy (MSTR) and Tesla (TSLA)

MSTR has considered Bitcoin to be its go-to revenue reserve purchased nearly 71,095 BTC which is now equivalent to nearly 3 billion dollars. The company saw it as an opportunity to gain assets that can be invested back into growing MSTR as a company.

While Tesla ( TLSA ) is a company that believes in smart investments. According to its SEC filing, the company has invested nearly $1.5 Billion into Cryptocurrency taking up to 7.9% of the company’s cash holdings. The main idea behind the investment in BTC and other crypto gave TLSA the privilege of diversifying the cash holdings making it easy for the company when it requires investments.

Pass&Go partnering with South Korea’s leading biotechnology companies

GG56 Ltd. has signed MOAs with several of South Korea’s leading biotechnology companies such as Mico Biomed and Sugentech etc. whose COVID-19 testing products have been in use in many parts of the world. In addition, GG56 is discussing the introduction of the service — Pass&Go with some provincial governments in South Korea, as well as, more than 20 countries including Romania, Morocco, the Philippines, and Middle Eastern countries. It is said that discussions over the introduction of Pass&Go are underway with renowned international organizations leading their respective fields across the world. In addition, GG56 Ltd. announced that they will distribute the service free of charge for all over the world, hoping to contribute to the fast recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

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