Pre-register for SIGNIS World Congress 2022 on Metaverse, the First Catholic Event to be Held on the Metaverse Platform

GG56 Korea (CEO, Kim Young-kun), a metaverse and blockchain specialized company announced that pre-registration for the SIGNIS World Congress 2022 on metaverse will start on July 21st.

The SIGNIS World Congress (SWC) is a regular meeting to bring together Catholic journalists and communicators from all over the world every four years, and the SWC 2022 will be held onsite at Sogang University in Seoul and online at metaverse, from August 15–18.

This SWC 2022, to be held on the metaverse platform for the very first time in the world, will also be viewed in real time through the SIGNIS FR application which will be released in early August in both Google Play Store and the Apple App store.

Pre-registration for the SWC 2022 is available on the SWC website as well as the pre-registration website for the SWC 2022 on Metaverse. Those who complete the pre-registration will be given with the virtual rosary for their avatars. In addition, there will be a special event promotion for those who wish to own an NFT rosary commemorating a Papal blessing at the metaverse.

Pope Francis sends his “greetings and good wishes to all taking part in the SIGNIS World Congress being held this year in Seoul, combining face-to-face meetings and virtual conferences”, highlighting that “SIGNIS can play an important role through media education, networking Catholic media and countering lies and misinformation”.

Kim Young-kun, CEO of GG56 Korea, said that “we are honored to be part of this event, by providing the world’s first Catholic metaverse space as a means to facilitate a non-face-to-face communication among Catholic media practitioners and Catholics around the world,” adding that he “will continue efforts to harness the capacity to develop services converging online and offline and to provide a differentiated user experience”.

More detailed information is available at the official website of SWC 2022 and the pre-registration website for the SWC 2022 on Metaverse (



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